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Enhanced gender knowledge has reduced GBV cases – Traditional leader

Headperson Lukezo of Chiteu camp has thanked Women for Change (WfC) for contributing towards reduced incidences of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in his area through a project called Mawa.

Headperson Lukezo said there was a reduction in GBV cases related to income and other productive resources in families because WfC had introduced joint planning in families under the Mawa Project.

“This is the first time I am spending the whole rainy season without hearing many gender-based violence cases, compared to past seasons where I had more than 30 cases.” He said.

Headperson Lukezo added that marriage dispute cases had also reduced because couples were educated on gender, which has levelled the playing field between the partners resulting in joint decision-making and assisting each other more equally with the house work.

WfC through the Mawa project seeks to address gender inequities through community and household engagement.

WfC’s role under the project is to enhance women’s participation in decision-making at household (HH) level over productive resources and to encourage men to participate in household chores in order to reduce the workload for women.

The objective of enhancing decision making at household level for women over productive resources is to help curb malnutrition which arise from poor decision at family level.

The Mawa project is being implemented in partnership with Catholic Relief Services, Caritas, Golden-valley Agricultural Research Trust, University Research Company with funding from the United States Agency for International Development in Lundazi and Chipata districts of Eastern province.

Other activities that were undertaken included training of traditional leaders and Area Associations (AAs) in gender. Conducting Community dialogues and household engagements to break the vicious cycle of gender inequality in the households.

Raeley King