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Basket Weaving Project enhances access to girl education and poverty reduction

Kebby Lingomba Mandandi is the father to Mebelo and is a basket weaver who is not formally employed.

“I educate my children through basket weaving. So far two of my daughters have completed school. I can proudly say that the first daughter to complete is now a Police Officer.”

He says that his daughter completed school through the money he raised from basket weaving. “I wish to thank VIDEA for buying baskets from me and the rest of the women in the area association. I wish VIDEA continued existence so that they can continue supporting our Basket project. By doing so I will be able to educate the other two of my daughters who are still in school.”

Mebelo, is daughter to Mr. Mandandi and she had this to say, “I completed grade 12 last year 2015 and I will definitely go to college. I attribute all this to my father who managed to pay for my school fees through basket weaving. I was not going to complete school had it not been for his involvement in basket weaving. I am happy that my father is a basket weaver otherwise I was going to stay home without completing school.”

The help being offered by Victoria International Development Education Association VIDEA through WfC in Zambia is truly having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Raeley King